Discover Dalat 3N2Đ at Golf Valley Hotel

5&6/02/2019 And 10&11/02/2019

uu dai tet

Keep away from stressful for work and life, let Tet really be a relaxing time and enjoy great things.

Wake up in the endless green space of the Golf Valley Hotel, in the bustling melodies of the spring symphony, you’ll feel the full value of green life, recreating positive thoughts, to live well and love is more full.

uu dai tet golf valley

📌Tet package includes:
– 2 nights stay at the hotel, free all breakfast,
– 1 free lunch/dinner
– Free Gym & Fitness
📌Valid for 05-06th February 2019 and 10-11th February 2019

⭐️Start with the Golf Valley to kick off an exciting new year!
🌐 Website:
🏢 Address: 94 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Dalat City
📧 Contact:
👉 Hotline: 088 929 6655